The Bucks County Respite Program is a service offered through Child and Family Focus, Inc. that provides short-term, temporary care to families who need an interval of relief from the daily challenges of caring for a child with emotional, behavioral, and/or developmental needs.  Families are eligible for this service by living in Bucks County with a child aged 3-21 with a mental health diagnosis.  

An assessment is conducted prior to the start of services to determine the level of respite support needed.  Families typically receive six months of continued respite services.   These services include in or out-of-home care for a child by a trained and approved respite care provider under guidance and supervision of full-time respite staff.  This enables the child’s family to receive a much-needed break.   Respite Providers allow families to use this time to complete goals they have identified for themselves, which may include completing chores, participating in training and support groups, attending appointments, engaging in relationship-building and community-building, and participating in wellness activities such as exercise or sleep.

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