Transition Age Youth Behavioral Health Services


  • Intensive Behavioral Health Services (IBHS) - IBHS is a combination of services and supports that are delivered in the home and community.  It is typically recommended for children and adolescents whose behaviors are too severe to be addressed in typical outpatient therapy.  ABA Services (Applied Behavioral Analysis) is included in the array of IBHS services.
  • Case Management Services - Case Management services are non-clinical and work with the child and family to link to needed resources.   These services are community-based and will partner with other services and supports that are working with the child and their family.
  • Family Based Services (FBS) - FBS is a service for children and adolescents at risk of out-of-home placement due to their mental health issues, or who have recently returned from an out-of-home placement.  FBS provides family therapy, individual therapy, case management and on call crisis support.
  • Multisystemic Therapy (MST) - MST is a service to change how the youth (ages 12-17 years old) and their family functions in their natural settings- home, school and neighborhood- in ways that promote positive social behavior while decreasing antisocial behavior (including substance use).
  • Respite - Respite is a service that provides short-term, temporary care to families who need an interval of relief from the daily challenges of caring for a child with emotional, behavioral, and/or developmental needs.  Families are eligible for this service by living in Bucks County with a child aged 3-21 with a mental health diagnosis.
  • Transition to Independence (TIP) - TIP works to support young people in their own futures planning process across the  transition domains of education, employment, housing, community life, and personal wellbeing. 
  • Transitional Age Youth Certified Peer Support (TAY CPS) - TAY CPS works with young adults aged 14-26 years old to

    help identify community resources, develop organizational skills for daily living, and help plan around social supports.

  • Outpatient Therapy - Outpatient Therapy can include individual, family and group therapy which is delivered in an office setting typically one time per week.  

Accessing Services - Insurance & Medical Assistance

Some Behavioral Health Services require either commercial (private) insurance or Medical Assistance.  For more information on accessing these services with your coverage, please click here.  

If you do not have insurance coverage and you would like to apply for Medical Assistance, please click here.