Accessing Behavioral Health Services for Children & Young Adults

Insurance Coverage

The first step is to know your child’s health insurance coverage.  Your child may have:

  • A commercial insurance plan, through their parent or guardian’s employer
  • Medicaid through the State, also referred to as Medical Assistance (MA)
  • A child could be covered by more than one insurance, and may be referred to as the primary and secondary insurance.  If a child has a commercial insurance and Medicaid, the commercial insurance is the primary and needs to be accessed first and exhausted before the secondary (Medicaid) will be able to cover/authorize services.   

Commercial Insurance

To begin with a commercial insurance, look on the insurance card for the number for behavioral health services to find providers that accept/are in network with this plan.  

A child could be eligible for Pennsylvania Medicaid even with a commercial insurance.  A child could be eligible based on a “disability” and parent income is not considered when determining eligibility.  For more information and application for Pennsylvania Medicaid go to:

Medical Assistance

If a child has Pennsylvania Medicaid, the behavioral health services are managed by Magellan Health Services.  Some commercial insurances may also have the behavioral health services managed by a company called Magellan (referred to as private or commercial), but it is a different company from Medicaid Magellan (referred to as public).

 If you are interested in applying for Medical Assistance, please click here.