Mission, Vision and Values of the MH/DP Advisory Board

Vision Statement

A safe, healthy, informed and inclusive community.

Mission Statement

To advise and support the Department through engaged and informed advocacy, education, community engagement and partnerships that will create a more welcoming and inclusive community in Bucks County.


Inclusivity:  Belief in the importance of reducing the stigma of mental illness and developmental disabilities so all individuals have access to services, opportunities and a life in the community.  

Compassion:  Provision of services with empathy, dignity and kindness.

Quality Care:  Provision of care that is restorative and enhancing to individuals and families supported.

Integrity:  Embracing the highest standards of behavior and promotion of honesty, responsibility, trustworthiness and fairness in all our relationships.

Excellence:  Consistent pursuit of a higher standard.

Accountability:  Holding everyone responsible for the security and well-being of our community.

Empowerment/Self-Determination:  Support and encouragement of shared decision making and self-directed care and, whenever possible, provision of choice regarding services and environments of care.