Local Rules

Civil Division Rules

Appeals From Certain Administrative Agencies

  • Rule 27
    • Appeals from Zoning Hearing Boards
  • Rule 28
    • Appeals from The Bucks County Board of Assessment and Revision of Taxes

The Business of Courts



Pleadings and Practice

  • Rule 935:
    • Pleadings; Practice; Conformity To Civil Actions
  • Rule 936:
    • Security For Costs; Nonresidence Or Insolvency Of Plaintiff



Civil Actions

Compulsory Arbitration

Actions in Equity and Support

Actions of Divorce or Annulment of Marriage

Rules Relating to Domestic Relations Matters Generally

Minors as Parties

  • Rule 2039:
    • Compromise, Settlement, Discontinuance And Distribution

Actions for Wrongful Death

  • Rule 2205:
    • Notice To Persons Entitled To Damages-Service

Joinder of Parties

Substitution of Parties

Enforcement of Money Judgments for the Payment of Money

  • Rule 3129:
    • Notice Of Sale-Real Property
  • Rule 3129.3:
    • Motion to Stay, Continue, Postpone or Adjourn Sheriff's Sales

Enforcement Of Judgments In Special Actions Interpleader

Enforcement Of Judgments - Forms

Depositions And Discovery

Civil Division Administrative Orders

Magisterial District Judge Rules

Criminal Division Rules

  • Rule 101:
    • Approval Of Police Complaints And Arrest Warrant Affidavits By Attorney For The Commonwealth-Local Options

Arrest Without Warrant Filing Of Complaint

  • Rule 130:
    • Release Prior To Preliminary Arraignment

Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition

  • Rule 160:
    • Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition In Summary Cases

Grand Jury, Indictment And Information

Search Warrants

  • Rule 202:
    •  Approval of Search Warrant Applications by Attorney for the Commonwealth

Pretrial Procedures

Business Of Courts



Domestic Relations

Criminal Division Administrative Orders

Orphans' Court Division Rules

Local Rules

Accounts, Objections and Distributions

  • Rule 2.1A:
    • Sessions of Court
  • Rule 2.4A:
    • Additional Receipts and Disbursements
  • Rule 2.6A:
    • Filing with the Clerk
  • Rule 2.7A:
    • Objections to Accounts or Petitions for Adjudication/Statements of Proposed Distribution
  • Rule 2.9A:
    • Confirmation of Accounts; Awards
  • Rule 2.10A:
    • Foreign Heirs and Unknown Distributes
  • Rule 2.11A
    • Appointment of Official Examiners

Petition Practice and Pleading

Format and Service of Legal Paper by Parties and Court; Electronic Filing

Rules Governing Specific Types of Petitions

  • Rule 5.4A:
    • Revocation, Vacating or Extension of Time for Filing of Surviving Spouse's Election
  • Rule 5.6A:
    • Appointment of a Guardian for the Estate or Person of a Minor
  • Rule 5.6B:
    • Minor's Estate, Allowances
  • Rule 5.8A:
    • Discharge of Fiduciary and Surety
  • Rule 5.10A:
    • Public Sale of Real Estate
  • Rule 5.10B:
    • Joinder and Consent
  • Rule 5.10C:
    • Procedure for Public Sale. Security
  • Rule 5.10D:
    • Public Sale. Exhibits
  • Rule 5.11A:
    • Private Sale of Real Property or Options Therefor
  • Rule 5.11B:
    • Petition to Fix or waive Additional Security.  Personal Representative. Other Fiduciary
  • Rule 5.12A:
    • Mortgage or Lease of Real Property
  • Rule 5.16A:
    • Petition to Settle Wrongful Death and Survival Actions
  • Rule 5.17A:
    • Petition for Leave to Compromise Minor's Action

Rules Relating to Pre-Hearing and Hearing Procedure

  • Rule 7.1A:
    • Practice as to Depositions, Discovery, Production of Documents and Perpetuation of Testimony
  • Rule 7.1B:
    • Pretrial Conference
  • Rule 7.2A:
    • Motion for Judgement on the Pleadings
  • Rule 7.3A:
    • Motion for Summary Judgement


Auditors and Masters

Register Of Wills

Special Petitions

  • Rule 12.1A:
    • Family Exemption; Voluntary Distribution
  • Rule 12.1B:
    • Family Exemption; Small Estates
  • Rule 12.1C:
    • Family Exemption; Allowance
  • Rule 12.2A:
    • Spouse's Allowance Under Prior Law
  • Rule 12.3A:
    • Extension Of Time For Filing Election
  • Rule 12.5A:
    • Presence Of Minor In Court Not Required
  • Rule 12.5B:
    • Minor's Estate. Restricted Accounts. Waiver Of Bond
  • Rule 12.5C:
    • Minor's Estate, Allowances
  • Rule 12.5D:
    • Small Estates Of Minors
  • Rule 12.6A:
    • Exhibits To Petition For Appointment Of Trustee
  • Rule 12.7A:
    • Discharge Of Fiduciaries. Additional Averments
  • Rule 12.7B:
    • Exhibits
  • Rule 12.7C:
    • Discharge Of Fiduciaries Of Certain Small Estates
  • Rule 12.9A:
    • General Rules Applicable To All Fiduciaries For All Petitions Relating To The Public Sale, Excusing Or Requiring Additional Security Or Other Disposition Of Real Estate
  • Rule 12.9B:
    • Joinder And Consent
  • Rule 12.9C:
    • Procedure For Public Sale. Security
  • Rule 12.9D:
    • Public Sale. Exhibits
  • Rule 12.9E:
    • Public Sale. Surety.
  • Rule 12.10A:
    • Private Sale, Exchange Or Option. Contents Of Petition. Exhibits. Notice And Security
  • Rule 12.10B:
    • Petition For A Sale Having Effect Of A Judicial Sale
  • Rule 12.10C:
    • Petition To Fix Or Waive Additional Security. Personal Representative. Other Fiduciary
  • Rule 12.11A:
    • Mortgage Or Lease Of Real Property. Additional Requirements And Security

Distribution - Special Situations

Incompetents' Estates


  • Rule 15.1A:
    • Form Of Petition And Other Papers
  • Rule 15.1B:
    • Certificate Of Adoption
  • Rule 15.2A:
    • Persons At Hearing For Voluntary Relinquishment To Agency
  • Rule 15.3A:
    • Persons At Hearing For Voluntary Relinquishment To Adult
  • Rule 15.4A:
    • Persons At Hearing For Involuntary Termination Of Parental Rights
  • Rule 15.4B:
    • Pre-Hearing Procedures for Contested Involuntary Termination of Parental Rights
  • Rule 15.5A:
    • Petition For Adoption
  • Rule 15.5B:
    • Preplacement Home Study And Report; Investigation
  • Rule 15.5C:
    • Disclosure Of Fees And Costs
  • Rule 15.5D:
    • Persons At Adoption Hearing
  • Rule 15.6A:
    • Notice

Orphans' Court Administrative Orders

Rules of Judicial Administration

  • Rule 4007:
    • Request for Transcripts
  • Rule 4008:
    • Transcript Costs Payable by a Requesting Party other than the Commonwealth or a Subdivision Thereof
  • Rule 4009:
    • Fees Payable to the Court Reporter by the Courts for Court-Ordered Transcripts