Forensic Treatment Center

Project Overview

The Forensic Diversion, Treatment and Rehabilitation Center will provide a multi-purpose, community-based option to support those individuals involved with the court system who have serious mental illness and/or co-occurring substance use issues in the prevention of incarceration. The center will also function as a timely re-entry resource from incarceration and as a step-down/diversion from the State Hospital/inpatient forensic treatment.  

The Center will consist of three (3) Units:

  1. Short-Term Observation Unit for up to 4 individuals to provide a safe, up to two week transitional opportunity for crisis stabilization and assessment;
  2. Restoration to Competency Unit for up to 4 individuals involved in the court system who have been deemed Incompetent to Stand Trial (ICST) and who can benefit from 3-6 months of outpatient competency restoration programming/further evaluation, as well as collaboration with attorneys, Probation and Parole, and the Courts to ensure that individuals are able to work with their legal representation, and are prepared and present for court appearances; and
  3. Residential Treatment Facility for Adults (RTFA) for up to 16 individuals in need of up to 9-12 months of non-inpatient treatment/rehabilitation to support community reintegration and transition to lesser levels of community support. 

Project Participation FlowForensic Treatment Center-Project Participation Flow

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