The Bucks County Juvenile Probation Department offers internships to college students majoring in an appropriate field. Through our internship program, students will be submersed in the day-to-day activities of both Intake Probation Officers and Line Probation Officers, offering a diversified experience that covers all aspects of Juvenile Probation. Our hope is that, through internship, students will be supplied with the experience and knowledge necessary to be successful in their education, as well as their careers in Criminal Justice.

 What does an internship cover?

Bucks County Juvenile Probations’ internship programs promotes a well-rounded experience based on Pennsylvania’ Juvenile Justice System goals of balanced and restorative justice. Those students accepted will have opportunities to:

  1. conduct investigations and formulate supervision plans.
  2. work alongside both intake and line probation officers to participate in home and placement visits
  3. monitor juvenile offenders in the community
  4. make verbal and written reports/recommendations to Bucks County Juvenile Courts.

For more information on our Internship program, please call Bucks County Juvenile Probation at 215-348-6514 or email [email protected].