Certified Food Safety Manager Program (CFSM)

Any food facility in Bucks County that prepares time/temperature control for safety (TCS) products is required to have a CFSM onsite during all open/operational hours.

There are two steps in the process to becoming a BCDH Certified Food Safety Manager. 

The first step is to pass a proctored exam as part of an approved food safety course. After passing the exam you will be issued a course certificate. Certified Food Safety Manager Course Contacts contains a list of private independently owned food safety schools that offer approved food safety courses and exams. BCDH does not recommend or endorse any particular school on this list. This list is maintained as a convenience to assist food managers in finding approved food safety courses/exams.

The second step is to submit a copy of the course certificate with the BCDH CFSM application and the current fee. You will then be issued a CFSM certificate from BCDH.

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 A facility that does NOT prepare any TCS products or only handles TCS products minimally may request an exemption from the CFSM requirement by submitting an Application to Request an Exemption for CFSM (SA-83).