Community Planning

Planning Assistance

The Planning Commission’s staff of professional planners, landscape architects, transportation planners and GIS specialists, assists townships and boroughs by attending local planning commission meetings to provide advice and guidance and by preparing plans and ordinances in cooperation with local officials and representatives. We assist in formulating, writing, and final production of:

  • Comprehensive Plans
  • Zoning Ordinances
  • Subdivision and Land Development Ordinances
  • Wastewater Facility Plans
  • Park and Recreation Plans
  • Revitalization Plans
  • Design Guidelines
  • Open Space Plans

We provide general planning assistance to municipal planning commissions which can include: site analysis and concept plans for revitalization of underutilized parcels, parks, stormwater management, transportation planning, and analysis of specific planning topics or areas for a municipality.

The Planning Commission works with a variety of local, county, regional, state, and federal agencies and authorities to disseminate information, provide professional assistance, develop and implement countywide initiatives, coordinate funding, and ensure municipal compliance with agency guidelines and regulations. To assist with these efforts, staff maintains and oversees the content of the County’s Maps and Data Portal which contains numerous interactive maps and data sets for use by the public.

Reviews of Subdivisions, Land Developments, and Municipal Proposals

In accordance with the Pennsylvania Municipalities Code (Act 247, as amended), the BCPC reviews plans for all subdivision, land development, and municipal proposals (e.g., ordinance amendments, comprehensive plan updates, school construction or sale, street vacation, or sewage facility plan updates) proposed in the County’s fifty four municipalities.

Annual Reports