For many families, filing the petitions in the Orphans' Court is the last step in their long process for adoption. Your adoption may have been facilitated through an intermediary agency. A birth parent's parental right must be terminated. Home studies and background checks need to be completed. Whatever steps you have gone through, our office will do our best to help you complete the process, but please keep in mind that we are bound by the law and by confidentiality. We will not be able to assist you with all issues.

You must provide the completed petitions and the fees due to the Orphans' Court. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has developed forms for Foreign Adoptions and for requesting access to a closed file which we have posted here. Please contact the office with further questions.

Adoption Types

The types of adoptions include:

  • Adult Adoptions
  • Foreign Adoptions
  • Foster Parent (through Bucks County Children and Youth)
  • Private or Parent Initiated
  • Second Parent
  • Step-parent or Kinship

Background Checks

Background checks are required in most adoptions. If you need information please visit the PA Department of Human Service's website for further information.


Please take notice of "Bucks County Rule 15.5D: Persons at Adoption Hearing" for more information about who is required to attend your adoption hearing. A quote of the rule is as follows:

"The following persons shall appear at the adoption hearing:

  • the proposed adoptee;
  • the proposed adopting parent(s);
  • the spouse of the proposed adopting parent when the spouse is the adoptee's natural parent who is consenting to the adoption; and
  • the individual intermediary or a fully informed representative of the agency intermediary."