Weighing and Measuring Devices

The mission of the Bucks County Department of Consumer Protection/Weights & Measures is to create and keep a fair and equitable marketplace for consumers as well as businesses. From home improvement issues to mulch deliveries, from rebates to home oil deliveries, we cover it. 

As per Bucks County Ordinance No. 165, all weighting and/or measuring devices in commercial use in Bucks County must be registered annually with the Bucks County Department of Weights and Measures. Invoices for this registration are sent to businesses in the early part of each year and do not correspond with inspections. It is the businesses responsibility to notify this office to any change in inventory and/or ownership.

Device Inventory Form (PDF)

Weights & Measures Inspections include:

  • Gas station fuel meters
  • Home heating oil delivery truck meters
  • Liquid Petroleum gas scales
  • Market scales (including grocery scales and gold buyer scales)
  • Timing devices (for example: car wash timers, vacuums, air hoses, laundromat, dryers and parking meters)
  • UPC/PLU scanning systems (tested for pricing accuracy)
  • Firewood sales
  • Mulch sales
  • Heavy vehicle scales used for commercial sales