EMI AEMT Information Session

George E. Moerkirk – Emergency Medicine Institute

Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT)

Virtual Information Sessions:

  • January 4th – 1430
  • January 5th – 1600
  • January 10th – 1600

Find out about our new AEMT Program for Spring of 2022!

Topics will include: Program Information and Overview, Field information

Application process, and Payment options

To register for an information session, go to www.emiclasses.com. Then, search for ‘AEMT

Information Session’. You will then be able to enroll and register for the information session.

Closer to the information session date, a Webex invitation link will be sent to the email you

provided during registration.

Questions – Contact Morgan Kutz at [email protected] or 484-884-0087