The Lenape

The First People

The Lenape People were the first inhabitants of the lands now known as Bucks County. Many of the county parks, historic sites, nature centers and place names acknowledge the Lenape’s role as the original caretakers of this land through exhibits and signage.

Prior to the arrival of European Settlers in the 17th century much of what we know as NY, NJ and Eastern PA were Native American territories held by the Lenape people who, for thousands of years, were the caretakers of these lands. At this time the region, including all of what came to be incorporated as Bucks County, was predominantly primeval forest crisscrossed with Lenape trails, campsites, quarries and scores of villages. 

Engraving of a Lenape Village from the 17th century

Drawing depiction of the Delaware Indian Fort in New Sweden

Map of Lenape Sites in Bucks County

Map of  Indian Sites in Bucks County, as of 1953