About Us - What does the LEPC Do

The primary duties of the Bucks County LEPC are:

  • Prepare and coordinate a chemical emergency response plan for all facilities in the County where extremely hazardous materials are present in quantities above a threshold planning quantity, as required by SARA Title III, Section 303.
  • Collect and maintain SARA Section 312 hazardous chemical inventory reports (Tier II reports) for facilities required to submit such reports.
  • Receive information about reportable accidental chemical releases and ensure that emergency response plans are followed by the responsible facility when responding to such releases.
  • Assist the County in the preparation of a Hazardous Material Emergency Response Preparedness Assessment.
  • Ensure the review, implementation and updating of the Bucks County Chemical Emergency Response Plan and the component plans for each reporting facility.
  • Collect and deposit into the County Hazardous Material Emergency Response Account all fees and funds received in accordance with the provisions of County Ordinance 81 and ensure the timely submission of required fees by reporting facilities.
  • Maintain a database of all planning and reporting facilities and the hazardous chemicals reported by these facilities utilizing the CAMEO chemical information systems database.
  • Provide outreach and education to municipalities and the community concerning hazardous materials within the community.