ARPA Funding Timeline

The plan will remain flexible and be revised as additional Treasury guidance is received, information is obtained, and priorities are identified. Program expenditures will be evaluated on a regular basis throughout the grant program period between March 3, 2021 and December 31, 2024.  

The County will use its accounting consultant and internal Project Management Team to provide fiscal administration and eligibility compliance in use of ARPA funds as it relates to program and project ideation, review and implementation to ensure that a comprehensive assessment of each program and project results in achieving County initiatives. The Project Management Team consists of representatives from the following County offices/departments: 

  • Office of the Chief Operating Officer 
  • Office of the Chief Financial Officer 
  • Communications Department 
  • Community Services Division 
  • Controller’s Office 
  • Department of Corrections 
  • Emergency Services Division 
  • General Services Division 
  • Health Services Division 
  • Human Resources Department 
  • Human Services Division 
  • Information Technology Department 
  • Law Department 
  • Purchasing Department 
  • Treasurer’s Office 

The County’s Project Management Team follows the phases outlined below to ensure efficient administration and oversight of all ARPA funded initiatives: 

ARPA Timeline Phases