Right to Know Request for Row Offices

Each of the County’s nine Row Officers maintain certain records that may be accessed by the public. Pennsylvania law establishes fee structures for obtaining documents such as mortgages and deeds, which can be requested from the Recorder of Deeds, as well as various court records maintained by other Row Officers.  Records pertaining to civil and family court litigation may be obtained through the Prothonotary, criminal case information may be obtained through the Clerk of Courts, and Orphan Court case information may be obtained through the Register of Wills.  Note, many of these records are exempt from Pennsylvania’s Right to Know (RTK) Law. Additional information about requesting court records can be found on the main Court Records page.

For Row Office records which are subject to the RTK Law, you may send a standard RTK request form to the office’s designated Agency Open Records Officer.  The Row Offices that maintain the most frequently requested records are the Offices of Treasurer (which oversees a variety of records, including tax claim documents), Coroner (which maintains records relating to deaths in Bucks County), and Sheriff (which maintains records pertaining to Sheriff’s sales). For RTK-related questions for any other Row Office, please visit the webpage of that office or call its main number