Ident-A-Kid is the Most Trusted Child ID

Emergencies Happen. For over 35 years, Ident-A-Kid has been committed to helping you protect your family. 

You might wonder why it is important to have an ID for your Child. Ident-A-Kid child ID’s make sure you are prepared by always having your child’s information ready in case of an emergency. It’s unfortunate, but families do get separated. In a blink of an eye, it can happen - a day at the ballgame where you lose each other in the crowd, the kids go out to play somewhere you don’t know about, a child runs away, or worse, they are abducted.

We can help you be prepared for those heart-pounding moments.

Contact the Bucks County Sheriff’s Office to create your child’s ID today! Email Corporal Todd Kessler or Lieutenant Russell Bumm to make an appointment at our Doylestown office.