TSA Security Requirements for Gun Owners

License To Carry Firearms and Gun Owners:
Information from the Transportation Security Administration

To All LTCF & Gun Owners,

Attached please find some valuable information regarding TSA security requirements when traveling.  It is important to note even as a valid LTCF permit holder, you are prohibited from ingress to a TSA checkpoint if armed.  Firearms may only be transported, unloaded, in a locked hard-sided container in your checked baggage.  You must also declare your firearm in your checked baggage, to airline personnel.

Violations can result in criminal as well as substantial civil penalties.

Any violation of the above by a Bucks County LTCF permit holder will be reviewed by the Bucks County Sheriff, independent of any other investigative agency, and a determination will be rendered solely by Sheriff Harran.

TSA Security Requirements For Transporting Firearms and Penalties For Not Following Requirements