Bucks County Vietnam Veterans Memorial Bridge Program

Bridges don’t just connect land. They connect people. 

And here in Bucks County, we are using the bridges the County owns to forge permanent ties between our diverse communities and the soldiers who died serving them.  

With the partnership of Bucks County-based veterans’ advocate Ed Preston and the Pennsylvania Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund (PAVVMF), the County in late 2022 began the work of dedicating its government-owned bridges to the 136 residents who gave their lives in the Vietnam War. 

“While this may be just a small gesture when compared to what they’ve sacrificed,” said Commissioner Bob Harvie, “we as a County are proud to remember and honor those who gave everything in service to their community and country.” 

Dedicated and reopened Nov. 14, 2022, the LCP Kenneth G. Worman Memorial Bridge was the first renamed as part of this program. Worman was a resident of Silverdale, and a graduate of Pennridge High School. He was killed in action May 22, 1967, and was posthumously awarded the Bronze Star Medal and the Purple Heart. 

The bridge named for him connects West Rock and Three Mile Run roads near where Worman lived. It was known previously as Bucks County Bridge #279. 

In what has become typical of these ceremonies, the bridge’s rededication was attended by friends and family of the late Silverdale resident, as well as local officials and members of the veteran community. 

The map above shows the locations of bridges dedicated through the County's Vietnam Veterans Memorial Bridge Program. This map may be difficult to view on this page if using a mobile device. To view the map on its original, more mobile friendly page, click here.

“Seeing the families that are still in the area come, seeing their perspective and being able to dedicate the bridges to them is an amazing thing,” said Bucks County Veterans Affairs Director Matthew Allen. 

Since the Worman dedication, the County has rejoined with its partners time and again to dedicate bridges in communities throughout Bucks County. 

In Middletown Township, Bridge #15 along Frosty Hollow Road became the CPL. David John Ortals, USMC, Memorial Bridge. The Levittown Marine was a Neshaminy High School graduate who enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps in June 1967, and served for about three years before his death on May 22, 1970. 

Crossing Tochicon Creek along Farm School Road in Upper Bucks, Bridge #183 was rededicated in memory of 2nd Lt. William James Erkes Jr. The ceremony on May 4, 2023, was attended by his friends and family, as well as members of the county government. 

Three men in red jackets walking.

Erkes was a resident of Upper Black Eddy, and graduated from Palisades High School before attending Rutgers University.    

“When Bucks County residents like 2nd Lt. Erkes went overseas to fight for our country, they went not knowing whether they would ever see home again,” Commissioner Harvie said. “Here in the communities where these brave soldiers lived, we are proud to be keeping their memory alive one bridge at a time.”   

Bridges also have been dedicated in Yardley Borough, New Hope Borough and Buckingham Township, with more in the works. 

All bridges owned by Bucks County can be found on the County Bridge Dashboard.