Tax Rebate Program for Emergency Volunteers

Active Volunteer Service Tax Rebate Program

📜 Ordinance No. 172 - Enacted on October 4, 2023: 

This groundbreaking ordinance establishes a Tax Rebate Program for Volunteer Members of Fire Companies or Nonprofit Emergency Medical Service Agencies. Delve into the administrative procedures and appeals that govern this initiative, demonstrating our commitment to recognizing the invaluable contribution of our local heroes.

💡 Program Highlights:

  • Purpose: Encourage and acknowledge the dedication of volunteer fire protection and EMS services provided by active volunteers in Bucks County.
  • Eligibility: Open to residents of Bucks County who volunteer with Eligible Agencies.
  • Criteria: Volunteers must meet specific criteria, earning points through categories such as Emergency Response Calls, Training, Meetings, Public Outreach, Leadership Roles, and more.