Long Term Care Assessment (Medicaid)

FED Assessment: Long Term Care Assessment

The Bucks County Area Agency on Aging is responsible for conducting “Functional Eligibility Determinations (FED)” on individuals aged 18 and older applying for the Aging Waiver program in Pennsylvania (also known as Community Health Choices). The FED assessment determines if that individual meets a “nursing home level of care” in the eyes of the State; this is also referred to as Nursing Facility Clinically Eligible (NFCE).  Obtaining this assessment, is one step in a longer process in becoming CHC eligible, which helps individuals afford long term supports and services, be it in a nursing facility or in the community.  BCAAA accepts referrals from hospital social workers, long term care facilities, individuals and families. 

Facility Request for FED

When requesting a FED, please complete and submit the following:

  • Request for LOC (FED) Assessment  
  • MA-51 Medical Evaluation 
  • PASRR I 
  • Consent for FED Evaluation
  • Consent for Release of Information

All five forms need to be submitted for a referral to be considered complete; the FED will not be scheduled until all completed forms are received. We commonly see many blocks on the MA-51 not completed, please make sure that you have all blocks on the MA-51 filled out including the physician license number) and that the appropriate boxes are checked. Again, we cannot accept incomplete forms.

Fax all forms to (215) 918-3012

When requesting a Level II assessment: Please make sure that the information sent includes these same five forms but also the History & Physical, a full Psychiatric evaluation and a list of current medications. We do not need things like PT/OT notes or Consultant reports unless the directly support the Target diagnosis. Again, please fax this information . Failure to submit the completed forms will delay the process of sending the referral to the Program Office.

For more information, call the Area Agency at 267-880-5700.

FED Forms- Facility Referral