Positively Aging Volunteer Program

The Bucks County Positively Aging volunteer program provides opportunities for adults age 18 and older to engage in volunteer service and contribute time, experience, and knowledge to others in their communities.

There are many volunteer opportunities throughout Bucks County, and the Volunteer Coordinator will make every effort to match volunteers with an assignment that best meets their interests and skills. If specific services are offered, staff will make every effort to identify an organization that is in need and can best accommodate those skills and services.

Become a Volunteer

To join the more than 400 Positively Aging volunteers who provide thousands of hours of service each year, complete and send back (via email, mail, or fax) the Volunteer Enrollment Form, or contact BCAAA at 267-880-5700 and get started today.

Volunteer Areas

Some of the areas to volunteer in include:

  • APPRISE (Insurance) Counseling
  • Health and Wellness Programs
  • Inter-generational Programs
  • Nutrition Services
  • Ombudsman (Advocate) Volunteer

Volunteer Benefits

As a Positively Aging volunteer, you will receive:

  • Assisted volunteer placement
  • The chance to learn something new every day
  • The opportunity to use your experience and skills
  • The satisfaction of knowing you are making a difference in your community

Volunteer to deliver meals from the local senior centers to homebound seniors living in our communities! 
Minimum 1 day/week, 1.5 hours.  
Call 267-880-5733 or email [email protected]

Volunteers for MealDelivery