An elected row officer, the Controller is the chief financial officer and chief auditor. They exercise general supervision and control over the county's financial affairs. They are authorized to examine the accounts and official acts of all officers or other persons who collect, receive, or disperse the county's money.

The Controller sits on the Retirement Board, Salary Board and Prison Oversight Board. They are the final, independent check on the fiscal activities of the executive and legislative branches of county government as well as the independently elected officers and courts.

Primary Functions

The Controller's primary function is to supervise the fiscal affairs of the County which includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Accounts Payable Department
    • Processes and approves all vendors' invoices for payment.
  • General Accounting Department
    • Maintains the county's general ledger and prepares the county's comprehensive annual financial report.
  • Internal Audit Department
    • Conducts periodic audits of the:
      • County departments and agencies
      • Courts
      • Row offices
      • Tax collectors
  • Payroll Department
    • Prepares the county's biweekly payroll.
  • Retirement Fund Section
    • Maintains the accounts and records for the county's Employees' Pension Plan
    • Retirement Board Meetings are generally the second Commissioners' Meeting of the month (usually the 3rd Wednesday)
  • Other Functions

Direct all inquiries and/or comments concerning the listed duties and functions to the Controller via telephone or facsimile.