Countywide detection, monitoring and reporting of infectious diseases of public health significance. Investigation of reportable disease is initiated by physician or hospital referral or by laboratory report.

Communicable Diseases

Communicable diseases are illnesses caused by viruses or bacteria that people spread to one another through contact with contaminated surfaces, bodily fluids, blood products, insect bites, or through the air. There are many examples of communicable diseases. Health professionals need to be aware that some require reporting to appropriate health departments or government agencies in the locality of the outbreak. Some examples of reportable communicable disease include HIV, hepatitis A, B and C, measles, salmonella, measles, and blood-borne illnesses. Most common forms of spread include fecal-oral, food, sexual intercourse, insect bites, contact with contaminated fomites, droplets, or skin contact. 

List of Reportable Diseases from the PA Department of Health

HIV/STD Program Services

Anonymous or confidential counseling, testing and education for persons at risk.

Diseases and Related Conditions:
Bacterial Vaginosis (BV)
Genital Herpes
Human Papillomavirus (HPV)
Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)
STDs & Infertility
Other STDs

Tuberculosis Control Program

Tuberculin skin testing (TST) is provided, for a fee, through our Immunization clinics.  Please call the number located closest to you to make an appointment.

  • Doylestown and Quakertown call 215-345-3344
  • Levittown call 267-580-3510

More information about a Tuberculin skin test can be found herePPD test