Environmental Health

Bucks County is a developing residential and commercial/industrial county with a diverse and growing population.   These emerging developmental patterns present many environmental health challenges. The potential for ground and surface water pollution from residential and industrial sources requires investigative response capability.  Urbanization affects mosquito, insect and vermin populations.   Development in rural areas requires sewage and water planning that may not be able to utilize public facilities.   All of this new development requires supporting services including food facilities, schools, parks and other recreational sites that fall within the regulatory authority of the Bureau and the Department.

Under the Local Health Administration Law, Act 315 of August 24, 1951, as amended, the Bucks County Department of Health is the agency responsible for the administration of certain environmental health programs in all 54 Bucks County municipalities.  The Pennsylvania Code Title 28, Chapter 17, entitled “Standards for Environmental Health Services”, sets forth minimum standards of performance for environmental health services in all county health departments.   It is therefore the responsibility of the Bureau of Environmental Health of the Bucks County Department of Health to provide these Environmental Health programs consistent with available funding, staff support and authority.

The Environmental Health program goal of the Department is to maintain good environmental conditions consistent with established regulations and to improve environmental conditions where possible, throughout the county.  Also to achieve an environment conducive to the resident's health, safety, and well-being.

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