Patricia A. Campi

Profile picPatricia Campi was sworn in as Coroner on January 2nd 2024. Patti Campi brings a combination of business, managerial and medical skills into her role as Bucks County’s Coroner. Ms. Campi draws on her experiences as co-owner of a small business, as well as her career as an emergency room and chemotherapy nurse. Years of experience Patti has developed a keen eye for detail in documentation, compassion when interacting with families and the ability to think clearly under stress. Through proactive measures, data-driven decision-making and collaboration with various stakeholders, Ms. Campi is striving to build a healthier and safer community. Ms. Campi plans to connect with local agencies, healthcare professionals and community organizations to utilize the data and insights gathered by the Coroner’s Office to identify patterns and trends in opioid-related deaths. Ms. Campi also plans to develop and promote mental health awareness initiatives, increase access to mental health services, and advocate for policies that support those struggling.