Agricultural Preservation Program

Established in 1989, the Bucks County Agricultural Land Preservation Program is regulated by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Farmland Preservation and governed by Pennsylvania Act 43 as well as county program guidelines. The program utilizes funds from state, county, and local governments to purchase conservation easements on productive farmland. Farms considered for preservation are prioritized according to soil quality, location, conservation practices, and threat of development. 

Program Highlights

  • Total Farms Preserved: 244
  • Total Acres Preserved: 18,770
  • Total funding in 2023: $3,675,257
  • Total funding 1989-2023:  $186,945,394

News & Updates

Climate Smart Practices for Preserved Farm Owners

RCPP - Farmland Preservation and Climate Change Mitigation Project

Climate-Smart Agriculture and Forestry - Mitigation Activities List

Attention Farmers: Apply Now for Specialty Crop Block Grants 

Eligible projects will stimulate market growth and enhance the competitive position of crops designated as high priority for their potential to feed Pennsylvania’s economy and boost environmental sustainability. Eligible high-priority crops include hemp, hops, hardwoods, honey; and barley, rye and wheat for distilling, brewing and malting. Click here Version OptionsAgricultural Preservation ProgramHeadline to review grant guidelines. 

A percentage of funds will be designated to projects in rural communities with at least 20% of the population below the federal poverty line. 

Proposals must be submitted through the Department of Community and Economic Development’s Electronic Single Application. Applicants with questions about eligible projects or procedures should email Morgan Sheffield, the department’s grants manager, at [email protected].

The Economic Impact of Agriculture in PA: 2021 Update

Farm Vitality Planning Grants help local farmers fund business planning, transition of farm ownership, farm expansion, and diversification of agricultural production. It is a reimbursement grant, and each grant can be used to reimburse up to 75 percent of eligible costs (not to exceed $7,500). Grant requirements and process, eligibility, and criteria can be found here Version OptionsAgricultural Preservation ProgramHeadline

Farmers and farmers' markets that accept SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) cards help local families and communities by selling fruits, vegetables and other healthy farm products. Find out how here Version OptionsAgricultural Preservation ProgramHeadline.

Farms Under Threat 2040: Choosing an Abundant Future: View the study and accompanying web tool courtesy of American Farmland Trust here Version OptionsAgricultural Preservation ProgramHeadline.