Hotel Lodging Tax

About the Tax

The Hotel Lodging tax is assessed at a rate of five percent (5%) on the cost of all stays shorter than thirty (30) days. Proceeds from this tax are used to promote tourism in Bucks County.

The Hotel Lodging Tax ordinance was most recently amended in January, 2019. Revenues are divided as follows:

  • 4% of collections are retained by the County as an administrative fee.
  • $75,000 annually is allotted to the County for one or more tourism promotion programs selected by the County Commissioners.
  • The remaining revenue is distributed to the Bucks County Conference & Visitors Bureau to promote tourism in Bucks County.

Who must file

Anyone who rents out a room for less than thirty (30) days must file and remit the Hotel Lodging Tax, including hotels, motels, inns, guesthouses, rooming houses, bed & breakfasts, homesteads, and short-term rental units such as those booked through Airbnb.