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Consumers with a complaint against a business should fill out the online Consumer Complaint Form or download the printable form (PDF) and send it to the Bucks County Consumer Protection office. When the department receives your complaint, it will be assigned to an Investigator and you will be notified. The Investigator will mail a copy of your complaint to the business and ask for a reply. Many companies will, at this point, resolve customer complaints.

The Department Investigator will attempt to mediate matters which the consumer and business cannot resolve. If mediation is unsuccessful, you will be notified that the Department can take no further action since it cannot act as a private citizen's attorney. In the case of criminal fraud, the Department will coordinate efforts with the Consumer Fraud division in the District Attorney's office.


Before completing the complaint form, please make sure you have followed our guidelines:

  • Have you sent the business a letter or an email addressing the problem?
  • Do you have copies of all relevant documents?

Download the Form

If you are using our online complaint form, depending on your browser (ex. Chrome), you may need to click the "Open in Acrobat" on the top right. If you do not have that option, and it does not allow you to fill in the form, download it to your computer to complete. When submitting, the form works with your email and should open your email or email browser to send. If it does not, or your email does not have that capability, save the file and email as an attachment to the Consumer Protection Department. This form will not automatically send without going through your email address.

If using our printable form you may print, fill out and either scan/email or mail, or you can use the PDF fill and sign feature, save a copy to your computer, and email the form to our office. Please also include a copy of all supporting documentation that would help us in mediating your complaint.

Restaurant Complaints

Please do not use this form to complain about a restaurant's food or cleanliness. Please contact the Health Department at 215-345-3318 or visit the Health Department page for more information.