Sample Complaint Letter

You can copy the following text into your word processing software. You can also print out a copy of this sample letter (PDF) for reference or download the Microsoft Word sample letter (DOCX) to change as needed and save to your computer.

Your Address
Your City, State and Zip Code

Name of Contact Person, if available
Title, if available
Company Name
Consumer Complaint Division (if you have no contact person)
Street Address
City, State, Zip Code

Dear (Contact Person):

Re: (account number, if applicable)

On (date), I (bought, leased, rented, or had repaired) a (name of the product, with serial or model number or service performed) at (location, date, and other important details of the transaction).

Unfortunately, your product (or service) has not performed well (or the service was inadequate) because (state the problem). I am disappointed because (explain the problem: for example, the product does not work properly, the service was not performed correctly, I was billed the wrong amount, something was not disclosed clearly or was misrepresented, etc.).

To resolve the problem, I would appreciate your (state the specific action you want - money back, charge a credit card, repair, exchange, etc.). Enclosed are copies (do not send originals) of my records (include receipts, guarantees, warranties, canceled checks, contracts, model and serial numbers, and any other documents).

I look forward to your reply and a resolution to my problem and will wait until 10 business days before seeking third-party assistance to resolve this matter. Please contact me at the above address or by phone at (home and/or office numbers with area code).

Your name

Keep all copies of your letter, fax, or email, and all related documents. Remember, it is important to keep your emotions out of the letter. Simply state the facts as you have them.