Retail Food Facility Program

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The Bucks County Health Department licenses and inspects all retail food facilities to ensure facilities are compliant with state and county regulations. These include but not limited to, eating and drinking facilities, cafeterias, organized camp kitchens, snack bars, bars, taverns, retail bakeries, caterers, mobile food units and their mobile food unit service commissaries, supermarkets, grocery stores, retail kitchens, nursing home kitchens, other institution kitchens, school cafeterias, commercial stores/stands selling potentially hazardous foods/drinks or un-packaged foods, farm/flea market stands selling potentially hazardous foods/drinks or un-packaged foods (intact fruits and vegetables are exempt from licensing), and temporary food event facilities operating 2 or more days per year.

The Health Department also conducts investigations of food and waterborne disease outbreaks and environmental complaints

Submit a Complaint for a Bucks County Licensed Facility

If you witness unsanitary conditions or believe there is an issue that requires investigation, please email and let us know. All complaints are investigated and kept confidential. 

Email: [email protected]

Please include the name of the facility, the date you visited the facility and the nature of the complaint in the email.

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