Pools/Public Bathing Places

Kids next to swimming pool sign; Courtesy of the Bucks County Historical  Society. | Levittown, Community pool, Levittown pennsylvaniaThe Bucks County Department of Health protects the health of bathers through annual inspections and complaint investigations of all public bathing places (excluding private homeowner pools), enforcing the Bucks County Department of Health Rules and Regulations Governing Public Bathing Places. Applications to register a Bathing Place in Bucks County (SA-125) should be returned with the appropriate application fee upon receipt.

Both public and private pool owners can obtain important safe operation guidelines from the Center of Disease Control Website-How to Swim Healthy

Complaints regarding the Public Bathing Place Program may be submitted either written (form SA-2) or by telephone. Telephone complaints should be made to the nearest District Office.

Health Promotion Materials can be found here. You can find a variety of handouts, brochures and other promotional pieces that can help you learn more about recreational water illnesses (RWIs), healthy swimming, pool chemical safety, and other water-related disease prevention topics.