Veterans Benefits

Veteran's VanVeterans Transportation Bus

The Bucks County Veteran's Van will transport Veterans from designated points in Bucks County to the Philadelphia VA Medical Center, the Victor J. Saracini VA Outpatient Clinic and the Coatesville VA Medical Center. 

Daily Bus Schedule. Pre-registration is required by calling 215-345-3885 at least two weeks prior to your appointment to schedule transportation.

Veterans Emergency Assistance

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania provides temporary emergency funds for the necessities of life to assist honorable discharged Pennsylvania veterans of any war or armed conflict, or the widow and infant children or dependents of such veterans as are sick or disabled and who are without means.

The maximum period for granting emergency assistance is three months. Assistance is authorized for food, dairy, shelter, fuel and clothing. Applications may be made through the County Department of Veteran Affairs.

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Veterans must be unemployed and in need.
  2. An honorably discharged veteran must have served in the Armed Forces of the United States during the established war-service dates or during peacetime hostile fire or terrorist attack as determined by the Department of Military Affairs.
  3. Veteran must be a resident of Pennsylvania at time of application.
  4. Veteran must have been employed immediately prior to emergency or have a recent loss of income within the past 180 days prior to date of application.
  5. Upon recent death of the veteran, widows and orphaned children are eligible, provided veteran would have been qualified prior to death.
  6. Applicant must not be receiving financial aid from public assistance.


A further benefit is the provision of a headstone to mark the Veteran's grave.

Bucks County will also pay up to $50 for installation of a Federal marker or lettering on an existing memorial.

Headstones Available

Granite HeadstoneBucks County Allowance of $100
Flat Marble or GraniteFederal
Upright Marble or GraniteFederal
Flat BronzeFederal

Flag & Grave Markers

Bucks County provides flags and grave markers for Memorial Day observances. These flags and markers are used to decorate the graves of veterans buried in the County. The Department of Veterans Affairs provides the markers free to various organizations which will assume the responsibility of placing them on the appropriate graves. They are also available to individual families requesting them from the department.

Veterans organizations interested in obtaining such flags and markers should submit a request on their official stationary to Department of Military Affairs:

Neshaminy Manor Center
Route 611 and Almshouse Road
Doylestown, PA 18901

Whoever steals or attempts to steal any veterans' grave marker is guilty of larceny, a felony, and upon conviction shall be sentenced to pay a fine not exceeding $1,000 or to undergo imprisonment for one year or both.

Whoever buys or receives for use as junk or scrap metal any veteran's grave marker or emblem is also subject to the same penalties.

Grave Markers Available

  • Revolutionary War
  • War of 1812
  • Indian War
  • Civil War
  • Spanish-American War
  • World War 1
  • World War 2
  • Korean Conflict
  • Vietnam Era
  • Persian Gulf War
  • War Veteran