About Workforce & Economic Development


The Workforce Innovation and Opportunities Act (WIOA) was passed by the U.S. Congress in 2014 establishing Workforce Development Boards (WDB) across the United States and in each of the fifty States and its territories. WDBs are local entities that operate in regional networks to implement the provisions of the WIOA and to improve workforce and economic conditions. They are charged with policy making and oversight of workforce investment and development activities in defined areas known as Local Workforce Development Areas (LWDA). The concept and practice is to ensure that the investments are used locally to foster the growth of business and industry in their area, utilizing the indigenous workforce to fulfill their employment needs. In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, there are 67 counties and 22 established Workforce Development Boards.


In July 2020 the Bucks County Workforce Development Board, Inc. transitioned into the County of Bucks. The organization has expanded and has been renamed the Workforce and Economic Development Department of Bucks County (WED). The Bucks County Board of Commissioners appoint the Workforce and Economic Development Board members, selecting these dedicated volunteers who commit their time and talents to strengthening our local workforce.


The Workforce and Economic Development Department of Bucks County is charged with:

  • Leadership
    • Identifying and responding to issues that affect the workforce and economic development system in Bucks County and creating policy around those issues that affect Adults, Dislocated Workers, and Youth constituencies in Bucks County
  • Strategic Planning
    • Developing the local strategic workforce and economic development plan
  • Local Labor Market
    • Addressing the emerging workforce through Youth Development activities
    • Identifying eligible providers of intensive training services to unemployed and under-employed residents
    • Identifying the growth-industries in the local and regional area
    • Increasing the local economy by creating a highly-skilled incumbent workforce
  • One-Stop Delivery System
    • Chartering and providing continual oversight of the PA CareerLink® Bucks County One-Stop service center