Board Committees


Committee Chairs welcome participation by non-board members who have particular interest or expertise related to the committee. Board of Director and Committee meetings are open to the public.  Please reach out to any Workforce and Economic Development Department staff to learn more.

  • Committee meetings held quarterly
  • Board of Directors meetings held in March, June, September, and December

Executive Committee

James Horan, Chair

The Executive Committee shall meet on a regularly scheduled basis established by the Committee. With the exception of those powers expressly reserved to the full WED under these bylaws or by law, the Executive Committee may act in all respects for the WED, provided that all actions of the Executive Committee must be subsequently presented to the full Board for ratification. The Executive Committee shall oversee the WIOA and WED budgets and make the final determination of proposals for funding, subject to ratification of the full Board.

Executive Committee Agenda & Supporting Documents  November 14, 2022

Next meeting will be held Monday, February 15, 2023 at 9A.

A Zoom meeting invite and supporting documentation will be sent one week prior to the meeting. 

Finance Committee

James Horan, Chair

The Finance Committee will provide budgeting and fiduciary oversight of the Workforce and Economic Development Department (WED) public grants/funding streams in

Including: Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Title 1 (WIOA), Rapid Response, Industry Partnership(s), Incumbent Worker, Department of Human Services, and any other specific grants applied for by or on behalf of the WED.  

The committee will also ensure appropriate and allowable activities are planned and executed in accordance with each funding stream’s inherent policies. The Committee will also be responsible for reviewing budget and financial information contained in proposals received through the Request for Proposal process and making recommendations of awards to the WED. 

The Finance Committee shall act on behalf of the WED and approve training contracts to be executed in accordance with federal, state, and local legislative and governing policies and intent. The Committee shall also recommend a budget for the WED full Board as well as oversee the organizations Audit.

The next Finance Committee meeting will be held: Tuesday February 28, 2023 at 9 a.m.

A Zoom meeting invite and supporting documentation is available one week prior to the meeting.  

One-Stop Committee

Marybeth Williams, Co-Chair
Larry Melf, Co-Chair

The Committee will work to ensure physical access to the services, programs, and activities of the one-stop delivery system, as well as appropriate training for staff. Specifically related to serving individuals with disabilities or from targeted populations, the Committee will be responsible for ensuring appropriate accommodations and services to aid individuals in finding employment opportunities. Additionally, this Committee will focus on developing effective linkages with employers in the region to support employer utilization of the local workforce development system to meet the needs of employers and support economic growth.

Next One-Stop meeting will be held Thursday March 16, 2023

Youth Council Committee

Amanda Masullo-Baker, Co-Chair
Yolonda Udvardy, Co-Chair

The Youth Council Committee will oversee the performance of youth programs and services including targeted services to youth with barriers to employment and/or disabilities. Additionally, this Council shall participate in efforts in the local area to develop and implement career pathways by aligning the employment, training, education, and supportive services that are needed by adults and youth, particularly individuals with barriers to employment.

Next meeting will be held Thursday, February 2, 2023 at 9 a.m.

Youth Council Agenda and Information for 2-2-23

Youth Council Zoom Link for 2-2-23