Domestic Relations

DRS does not address custody, visitation, protection from abuse, or divorce.

  • Paternity may need to be established prior to a support order being entered.  Learn more about Paternity.
  • Translation or interpreter services are available at the DRS.
  • Domestic Relations does not charge a filing fee.
  • If you are concerned about family violence, contact our office. Your information can be made confidential, will be removed from certain forms,  and will not be shared with the other party.
  • Parties must inform the DRS of any change in their employment or personal address within seven days per 23 CSA 4553(a). Parties can update  their information at or by completing the Contact My DRS Form.

Document Submission:

To submit required documentation to the DRS*, you may:

Complete the Contact My DRS form (.pdf, .tif, .tiff formats only)


Mail to our Doylestown Office:

Bucks County Domestic Relations Section
100 N Main Street
Doylestown, PA 18901

*Complaint for Support Packets,  Petition to Modify Packets, and Recovery Petition - Terminated Case Packets must be created by visiting the Pennsylvania Child Support website at or by printing and mailing the completed packet to our Doylestown Office.

Bench Warrants:

If you have, or you know someone who has, an active Domestic Relations Bench Warrant, you must call the Domestic Relations Warrant Unit at 215-348-6843. View the Domestic Relations Top Ten Warrant List.