Bucks County Crimes Against Older Adults

Bucks County Crimes Against Older Adults Task Force

As a result of the case of abuse against William J. Neff, Sr., Bucks County District Attorney Diane E Gibbons established the Bucks County Crimes Against Older Adults (CAOA) Task Force as a multi-disciplinary team for the purpose of reviewing, investigating, prosecuting and preventing crimes against older adults.

The task force convenes to review current criminal cases and discuss new investigations. The task force works with local law enforcement and other organizations who advocate for the protection and rights of the older adults of Bucks County.

CAOA Task Force Participants & Contact Information

What Is Elder Abuse

Elder abuse is any knowing, intentional or negligent act by a caregiver or any other person that causes harm or a serious risk of harm to a vulnerable older adult. Elder abuse can affect people of all ethnic backgrounds and social status, and does not discriminate between men and women.

Emotional Abuse

  • Abandonment
  • Neglect

Financial Abuse and Exploitation

  • Identify Theft
  • Scams

Physical Abuse

  • Neglect
  • Sexual Abuse

Recognizing Signs of Abuse

You can help stop the abuse of older adults that may be occurring. In many cases, an abused or neglected older adult is totally dependent on the abuser.

Learning common signs of abuse can help you spot abuse in your own family or community.

Report Suspected Abuse

You can help stop elder abuse. Silence isn't golden. If you suspect elder abuse, call 800-490-8505.

A Case of Abuse

In September 2000, William J. Neff, Sr, an 83 year old man suffering Alzheimer's disease, residing at a Bucks County personal care home, died as a result of five broken ribs and a punctured lung.

Following a 2 year criminal investigation, a health care provider at the facility where Mr. Neff resided was charged with Murder and Neglect of a Care-Dependent Person.

In addition, the Administrator of the facility, the Director of Nursing, another resident assistant and a hospice nurse were all criminally charged and convicted of criminal offenses stemming from Mr. Neff's death.