Calendar Office

Civil & Criminal

This office is responsible for the management and distribution of the monthly court calendar, courtroom assignments and the scheduling of a variety of both criminal and civil proceedings.

2023 Court Calendar(by Month)

2023 Court Calendar(By Category)

2022 Court Calendar(by Month)

  1. Criminal
  2. Civil

The Criminal Calendar consists of:

  • Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition Court and Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition Violation Proceedings
  • Children and Youth
  • Criminal Arraignments
  • Criminal Miscellaneous Hearings
  • Forfeiture Hearings
  • Probation/Parole Violations
  • Sentencings
  • Summary Appeals
  • Trials

As of January 3, 2023, Bucks County will discontinue the use of a general call of the criminal list.  Instead, criminal cases will be assigned to a specific judge who will handle all proceedings in the matter.  As such, all continuance requests regarding criminal matters scheduled in January 2023 or subsequent should be made direct to the chambers of the assigned judge using the method outlined by the policies and procedures, if any, set forth by the assigned judge.

Continuance requests regarding ARD’s, Summary Appeals and any other matter that has not been assigned to a specific judge will continue to be made to [email protected].

When submitting a request for a continuance in a criminal matter, the position of the District Attorney must be obtained. Attorneys must enter their appearance in the Clerk of Courts Office prior to submitting a request for a continuance.  Any request made by counsel who has not entered an appearance on behalf of a defendant seeking a continuance will NOT be considered. 

Criminal Continuance Request Form

Questions about the exact time or date of a court proceeding?

Criminal Case information can be obtained online at

Civil and Orphans’ Court Case information can be obtained online at

You may also call 215-348-6040 or email [email protected].  Before calling or emailing, please be prepared with the case number of the matter about which you are inquiring.