Expectations of Counsel & Parties


  • Keep commitments and seek scheduling agreements and accommodations.
  • Be respectful and act in a courteous, cordial, civil manner.
  • Be prompt, punctual and prepared.
  • Maintain honesty and personal integrity.
  • Communicate with opposing counsel.
  • Avoid actions taken merely to delay or harass.
  • Ensure proper conduct before the Court.
  • Act with dignity and cooperation in all proceedings.
  • Utilize the court system in an efficient and fair manner.
  • Apply the Golden Rule:  Do unto others as you would want them to do to you.

You are likely not meeting the Court’s expectations if you:

  • Neglect saying please or thank you.
  • Belittle others verbally or non-verbally.
  • Use email or text when face-to-face is needed.
  • Take too much credit for collaborative work.
  • Email or text during conferences or court proceedings.
  • Keep people waiting needlessly.
  • Talk down to others.
  • Delay access to information or resources.
  • Fail to acknowledge others.
  • Pass the blame when you’ve contributed to a mistake.
  • Spread rumors about others.

See Pennsylvania Code of Civility:  https://www.pacode.com/secure/data/204/chapter99/subchapDtoc.html 

General Advice

        In all matters, counsel should “do what you think is right” under the law, facts, rules and these procedures.  If no resolution is reached and the matter proceeds to trial before Judge Trauger, he will reciprocate in kind.

        Please take the time to consider Colin Powell’s Rules, 1-13.