Order a Transcript of Proceedings

How To Order A Transcript

Ordering a transcript requires you to obtain a Transcript Order Form from the Official Court Reporter present for your proceedings.

You can obtain a Transcript Order Form by:

1)    Contacting the Official Court Reporter present at your proceedings directly, if you have their contact information.  Be sure to be ready to supply the court reporter with the date of the hearing and the judge who presided.


2)    Filling out the required fields below and submitting the information.  By clicking “submit,” the information is sent to the Office of The Chief Court Reporter.  We cannot help you without the required information.

Within 24 to 48 hours of receipt of this information, the court reporter who was present at your proceeding will contact you and provide you with a Transcript Order Form.  The Transcript Order Form will contain all ordering and payment information, the estimated cost of the transcript, and the amount of the required deposit. Forms of payment include check or money order, and online credit card or echeck.

Please refer to www.buckscounty.gov for additional transcript ordering information related to Pa. R.J.A. 4007.

Transcription will not commence until required deposit and completed Transcript ordering information are received by Court Administration.

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