Community Resources

There are a number of resources available in the community for training, support, housing, and assistance.  While BH/DP is affiliated with (or directly runs) some of these programs, it is not directly involved with all of them.

Housing & Homelessness Resources

Training Resources

  • QPR Training - free suicide prevention training that is available to everyone and only takes two hours.
  • Mental Health First Aid Training - more in depth training for community leaders (clergy, physicians, teachers, first responders, etc.) who may have contact with trauma survivors or people in crisis.
  • CIT Training - free training for law enforcement officers on how to recognize and respond when a person may be in crisis, may have a mental health diagnosis, or may have an intellectual disability or developmental delay.

Active Community Groups

  • CSP Program - a group run that supports, advocates for, and promotes wellness for people with mental health diagnoses.
  • Suicide Prevention Task Force - a group that often hosts events to promote suicide prevention, mental health awareness and hope in Bucks County.

Low Income/Poverty Assistance