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Ad Hoc Committees

The Advisory Board takes its mission of advocating for the residents of Bucks County very seriously.  The Board strives to ensure residents can get the services they need, and that those services are of the best quality possible.  To fulfill these goals, the Board routinely designates Committees to undertake specific tasks.  The Board's current Ad Hoc Committees are listed below.

You do not need to be a Board member to serve on an Ad Hoc Committee.  If you are interested in serving on an Ad Hoc Committee, please attend an upcoming Board meeting and let the Committee chair know.

PR/Advocacy Committee

The PR/Advocacy Committee's goal is to establish and maintain the Board’s social media presence to better interact with the public, inform the public of important projects and events, and coordinate advocacy activities (such as writing to State Representatives).  The Committee will also be responsible for the Board's online media content, which may include website development and video production.

Provider Site Committee

The Provider Site Committee visits the sites of various provider agencies to learn more about the services they provide, who they serve, and ask about the challenges they face.  The Committee's goal is to provide the Board with a broader view of the service system and inform BH/DP leadership about barriers providers face in delivering services.