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August 4, 2021 8:00 AM

Bucks Court Order RE: Eviction Information

ALERT: A Bucks County Court Order has been issued that can delay ("continue") an eviction action filed against you for 30 days while your BERA application is processed IF you request a "continuance". This can give time for a BERA payment to be made before a judgment is filed.

Tenants at risk of eviction (e.g. late notice, can’t pay rent) can complete the following steps as appropriate:

Submit a “Request for Continuance Form” to the Court where your eviction was filed after applying to BERA. See the form for more instructions.

Note: You are responsible for your own representation and Court attendance regarding any eviction action filed against. Nothing in this alert shall be interpreted as creating an attorney-client or any other representative relationship between you and the BERA program.

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