Juvenile Probation


30 E Court Street
3rd Floor
Doylestown, PA 18901


Link: Juvenile Probation Department Page


Monday through Friday

8:30 am to 5 pm


Name Title Email Phone
Rice, Ted J. Chief  
Chapman, William R. Deputy Chief  

Intake Supervision 

Name Title Email Phone
Caramenico, Nick Supervisor  
Carbo, Rich Probation Officer  
DeFlavees, Melissa Probation Officer  
Keller, Jennifer Probation Officer  
McIlhenny, Kevin Probation Officer  
Kennedy, Melissa Court Operations Clerk  

Staff Development/Court Services 

Name Title Email Phone
Nicholl, Jen Supervisor  
Boland, Jen Victim Advocate  
Debuque, Carolyn Victim Advocate  
Dex, Ed Court Operations Clerk  
Costigan-MacCauley, Annette Victim Advocate  
McGinty, Pat Court Operations Clerk  
Slifer, Sally Training Officer  

Region One Supervision 

Name Title Email Phone
Kubicek, Rich Supervisor  
Cooper, Jami Probation Officer  
Dell'Orefice, Robert Probation Officer  
Hensler, Pam Probation Officer  
Lowery, Steve Probation Officer  
Levenberg, Matt Probation Officer (Out of County)  

Region Two Supervision 

Name Title Email Phone
Cassidy, Sean Supervisor  
Cantwell, Steve Probation Officer  
Cole, Jason Probation Officer  
Dower, Amy Probation Officer  
Sagers, Lance Probation Officer  
Thiel, Bret Probation Officer  

Intensive Supervision 

Name Title Email Phone
Hiestand , Dean Supervisor  
Dougherty, Tony Electronic Monitoring Probation Officer  
Hibbs, Steve Electronic Monitoring Probation Officer  
McAfee, Mike Probation Officer  
McMillan, Lonnie Probation Officer  
Nacarella, Leah Probation Officer  
Schmalz, Mary Jane Electronic Monitoring Coordinator  

Special Services 

Name Title Email Phone
Houck, Bryan Supervisor  
Bitzer, Jesse Institution Probation Officer  
Courtney, Pat SO Specialist  
Franklin, Nick Institution Probation Officer  
Gryn, John Institution Probation Officer  
Boone, Peggy SO Specialist  

Information Technology/Reporting 

Name Title Email Phone
Abraham, Paul Reports Manager  
Thomas, Jessica Reports Coordinator  

Fiscal Services 

Name Title Email Phone
Neville, Kim Business Manager  
Trotter, Donna Budget Manager  
Cacciotti, Alicia Financial Tracking Specialist  
Foley, Sarah Financial Specialist II  
Geier, Deannie Financial Specialist II  
Gordon, Lynette Financial Specialist I  
McCoy-Fisher, Deirdre Financial Tracking Specialist  

Administrative/Clerical Services 

Name Title Email Phone
Horner, Diane Office Manager  
Bradley, Deb Secretary  
Cosgrove, Diane Secretary  
Engler, Kristi Secretary  
Lacoff, Vicki Secretary  
McCann, Janeen Secretary  
Schwartz, Regina Secretary