What is the tax?

The Lodging Room Rental Tax is a 5% tax applied to any room having at least one bed or sleeping accommodations which is rented for a period less than 30 days. Under the Bucks County Tourist Promotion Law 73 P.S. 401, the tax is applied to hotel, motel, bed and breakfast, extended stay, cottage and guest house room rentals. The renting of a room, apartment, or house privately, online or through third party brokers is subject to this tax.

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1. What is the tax?
2. How does the County use the money?
3. Who must register?
4. How do I register my lodging?
5. What is the Hotel Tax rate?
6. Is anyone exempt from the Hotel Room Tax?
7. How will the implementation of the tax be handled regarding food if it is included in the price of the room?
8. How do I obtain additional copies of the required tax reporting forms?
9. How often must I file a lodging tax report?
10. How do I avoid a late penalty payment?