How much does recording a deed cost?

You will find the cost of recording on the Fee Schedule page.

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1. How much does recording a deed cost?
2. How do I replace a lost deed?
3. How do I know exactly what information should be placed on my deed?
4. Does the Recorder of Deeds Office have my original deed? I paid off my mortgage, where is my deed?
5. How do I change, add, or delete a name on a deed?
6. Is it necessary to delete a deceased spouse's name?
7. If a woman marries, must she change her name on her deed?
8. If I sell off a portion of my land, do I get a deed for the remainder?
9. If I build on my lot, do I get a new deed for the house?
10. If I find a mistake in my deed, how do I correct it?
11. How do I get the deed to my mobile home?