Is there anything else I should know, or anyone else I can contact for more information?

All information in these FAQs is to inform/is intended to be of assistance by providing basic information relating to Pennsylvania Inheritance Tax, and not to advise. It is based upon Pennsylvania law. All statements are general, and individual facts in a given case may alter their application or involve other laws not referred to here.

All questions regarding your Inheritance Tax Return should be directed to the PA Department of Revenue. The Register of Wills Office is a filing office for your tax return and cannot give advice or assistance in completing your return. The PA Department of Revenue is striving to serve you better by offering a variety of ways to get tax information.

For additional information, contact:
Inheritance Tax Division
PA Department of Revenue
Bureau of Individual Taxes
Department 280601
Harrisburg, PA 17128-0601
Office Phone: 717-787-8327
Fax: 717-772-0412
PA Department of Revenue Website
Email the PA Department of Revenue

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1. How is Inheritance Tax determined?
2. What is the Inheritance Tax rate in Pennsylvania?
3. Who are lineal heirs and lineal descendants for the purpose of Inheritance Tax?
4. Is there a discount on PA Inheritance Tax?
5. What property is subject to Inheritance Tax?
6. Can the funeral expenses and unpaid bills of the decedent be deducted from the amount subject to tax?
7. I put my mother's name on my savings account. Recently my mother died and now I am being told that I will have to pay an Inheritance Tax on my own money. Can this be correct?
8. Was the “widows' tax” repealed in Pennsylvania?
9. What is the family exemption and how much can be claimed?
10. Who is entitled to claim the family exemption?
11. Is an inheritance considered taxable for PA Personal Income Tax purposes?
12. If an individual dies before they reach the age of 59 ½, is the decedent's IRA or 401K subject to PA Inheritance Tax?
13. Who files the Inheritance Tax return?
14. Where is the Inheritance tax return to be filed?
15. Is there anything else I should know, or anyone else I can contact for more information?