What does the Bucks County Medical Reserve Corps do?

The Bucks County Medical Reserve Corps (BC-MRC) recruits, organizes, and trains a group of community volunteers that will be involved in working with the Bucks County Health Department and partners on public health preparedness activities and exercises including:

  • Mass prophylaxis of county communities in the event of a public health emergency including bioterrorism, the Pandemic Influenza and any other infectious disease epidemic
  • Annual flu vaccination clinics held as Pandemic Influenza exercises yearly
  • Members will have the opportunity to volunteer/participate in these drills and other exercises which might arise.

The BC-MRC also provides its services at various community functions including public health fairs.

  • BC-MRC volunteers will also engage in the provided blood pressure checks, BMI computation and monitor other health indices for the public at a health fairs.

Training will be provided to BC-MRC volunteers to increase their emergency response skills and help prepare their families and communities.

The BC-MRC partners with other organizations to accomplish its mission of improving the health and safety of our communities through public health preparedness. In agreement with the Surgeon General’s priorities, the BC-MRC will engage in the following:

  • In consonance with the Surgeon General’s Priorities, engage in the following:
    • Improvement of health literacy through on-going public health programs like health education, AIDS awareness outreach in our communities and other public health activities of the health department, that would lead to
      • Increase in disease prevention, that would help in
      • Eliminating health disparities, and
      • Improving public health preparedness through planning, training and exercises.

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